I love to travel and I am inspired by the people, places and things I see around me. I love my mum and dad, I love my husband, I love my children, I love photography, I love my life and I ‘d love to be part of yours, even if it’s just for a short while.

I am a dreamer, rock music and cooking lover,  and of course, a photographer. I am a mom to two beautiful kids and a wife to my very loving and supportive husband who has made my photography dreams possible. As an artist I would never recreate the same painting twice. As an artist and photographer I strive to create unique, custom images of your belly, baby , family or wedding .  

I want to take photos of you, because in the future you will be able to look at yourself, and all that you see is the perfect beauty of the memory, and you are instantly transported back to that moment.

Olga Onaitiene Photography in Essex and London | Onika Photography

This moment will not last long, because in just a few weeks, this little one grows so quickly and certainly won’t stay little for long and that is why it is my true passion to capture the first moments of your baby’s life.

To get the best results from your newborn photography session, I recommend you have your little one photographed within 5-14 days after giving birth. After that time babies start to lose their newborn curl and tend not to be so sleepy which is needed to achieve the wonderful poses you have seen in my baby photography gallery. If your baby is older than 2 weeks, don’t worry, we can still do it – it may just take more effort on both ends and we will need to skip some of the “curl up” poses.

I do have a lot of props available at the studio, wooden bowls, baskets, nest, backgrounds, flokati rug, beanbag, comfy box prop, furs, hats and headbands and lots of textures  that I like to use, . Newborns often look most beautiful naked, or just with a hat, headband or wrap. Newborns are beautifully perfect…just as they came.

For a full newborn session, I usually always take up the full session time, which is three hours.  Most of the time, this also includes sibling (toddler) and family portraits as well. I really do love the siblings and the dad with baby photos but there is just something so incredible about capturing a mom falling in love with her new baby, I don’t think there’s a greater love in this world.

I’m obsessed with baby toes, any baby details: lips, hands, noses, ears, hairs, wrinkles, eye lashes, that newborn flaky skin, I can go on. I do a mix of lifestyle and poses photos.

I believe in simple, clean, organic, bright, classic portraiture, a style that focuses on your beautiful baby. I don’t use a lot of  “crazy props”. Some of my favourite images have no props at all. Just baby.    100% beautiful on their own.

Mummy and daddy can take the time to sit back, relax, to have a cup of tea or coffee in my cosy studio waiting area while I capture beautiful images of your new baby.

Falling pregnant and carrying a little life inside you from inception to birth is truly a wonder that can barely be expressed in words.

Pregnancy photography can help the mum-to-be remember the wonder of her pregnancy and to cherish the journey she’s taken to bring a new life into the world.

As maternity photographers it is our goal to perfectly capture and document this special time in your life, to feel relaxed and supported through our whole session to capture how lovely you feel and this indescribable connection that you have with your baby.

I am most passionate about very soft, feminine and organic motherhood photography. I love to capture the amazing bond and connection between a mother and her child. I also love to include your partner and any children in the photos too. I am more than happy to create beautiful portraits outdoor and in my studio if you prefer.

I generally recommend booking your pregnancy photoshoot to take place around 28-34 week mark.


Maternity photography is always such a treat for me as a photographer. I specialise in creating beautiful, light-filled maternity photos.

I plan to have perfect moments in my life, I hope you do too and I hope I’m with you for one of them!

Nothing makes me happier than being able to create beautiful photos for couples to love and cherish forever. I'm an artist who captures the incredible moments shared between a bride and groom as they become husband and wife.

I absolutely love LOVE  weddings I am a very loving person, so to see two people that adore each other just melts my heart to pieces! I am friendly, enthusiastic personality emanates through and makes his subjects feel utterly relaxed and comfortable, causing every single shot to be even more spectacular. The best thing to do is to be natural in posing because if you try to be something that your are not then you will mess up your photos. Just like all the wedding stuff you want to be perfect photos should be taken in perfect way.

I am a wedding photographer who captures all those fabulous moments and who guides bride, groom and guests into natural, sensitive, emotional poses for shoots that are far from boring. I’m in love with details: rings, flowers, dress, shoes, hands, lips, eyes